February 25, 2021

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Ceredigion County Council confirm a definitive guide to summer exams expected in January

A definitive guide for GCSE and A level assessments next summer is expected in January.

Corporate lead officer for schools Meinir Ebbsworth’s report into the proves for awarding exam grades in 2020 states that GCSE, AS and A level qualifications will be based on “teacher-managed assessments, externally set and externally marked assessments” and they form the basis of the outcome set by the school.

“A special group of headteachers from across Wales was established to develop the above principles into a definitive guide for schools by January 2021,” adds her report.

The changes have been made after two Welsh Government commission reviews into the situation this summer with covid-19 lockdown impacting pupils and their exams.

“By results day, our young people and their families had suffered considerable distress which continued for some time as they negotiated with Universities in order to gain places on courses of their choice,” the report to committee states.

Members of Ceredigion County Council’s learning communities overview and scrutiny committee noted the update at its virtual meeting on Thursday (Dec 17).

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