March 3, 2021

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Deferred planning permission given to Llanrhystud houses

TWO houses will be built in Llanrhystud if a flood assessment is accepted by Natural Resources Wales.

Deferred planning permission was granted at land adjacent to Maes Wyre estate against officer recommendation, however, the application will be brought back to development control committee if NRW raises objections.

Members of the Ceredigion County Council committee argued that the application site was within the village of Llanrhystud, with its location outside the village according to the local development plan (LDP) one of the reasons for refusal.

Local member Cllr Rowland Rees-Evans said when you looked at the plans it should be considered part of the village and he was “embarrassed” he had not realised it was outside the LDP line.

Reference to flooding risks were also highlighted with Cllr Rees-Evans adding that the “one in one hundred year flood” had happened recently and the site was not affected.

The potential planning gain from the new build assisting in the connection of the adjoining housing estate to the main sewer was also a positive, he said.

The application is for two, three-bedroom open market houses on land between the A487 and river Wyre which a planning report states are valued at £240,000 each.

“Looking at the plan it is quite clear this is in the village, common sense will tell you that there has been a problem here when the LDP was prepared,” said Cllr Dafydd Edwards.

He said he sympathised with planning officers who had to follow the LDP “to the letter” adding that a ten per cent affordable housing contribution should also be made.

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