February 27, 2021

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Socio-economic status of people in Ceredigion needed consideration in Welsh Government funding

THE socio-economic status of people in Ceredigion should have been considered by Welsh Government before it made its funding settlement for the coming year, a councillor has argued.

In the recently announced local government funding draft settlement Ceredigion’s two per cent rise – around £2million – was the lowest in Wales.

Cllr Lyndon Lloyd said on Wednesday (Jan 20) that the introduction of socio-economic duty, and its inclusion in integrated impact assessments carried out when strategic decisions are taken, should also be applied to funding.

“A third of our children in Ceredigion are in poverty, this should be included in our response to Welsh Government about the settlement increase of two per cent,” said Cllr Lloyd, adding that the county also had high levels of older people, adding to the need for a greater increase than awarded.

From April 1 the council, along with all local authorities, are required under the Equality Act “making strategic decisions such as ‘deciding priorities and setting objectives,’ to consider how their decisions might help to reduce the inequalities associated with socio-economic disadvantage.”

“In broad terms the duty is a requirement to undertake a poverty impact assessment,” said corporate officer Alun Williams at overview and scrutiny coordinating committee on January 20.

Cllr Paul Hinge asked if a recommendation could be made to cabinet that a workshop be held for councillors to ensure the duty was fully understood, which was supported by the committee.

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