March 2, 2021

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Two Ceredigion councillors given dispensation to speak on harbour matters

TWO Ceredigion county councillors have been given dispensation to speak or vote on matters relating to their respective harbours.

Aberaeron representative Cllr Elizabeth Evans spoke at Wednesday’s (November 18) ethics and standards committee asking for dispensation to speak about the plans to regenerate coastal defences, “the biggest that will hit Aberaeron for many years.”

A Welsh Government funded project, supported by Ceredigion County Council, will design a scheme to “protect Aberaeron for the next 100 years.”

Cllr Evans wants to be able to speak on the matter in her roles as county and town councillor to ensure the many residents and business owners in the town have and elected representative voice, with dispensation granted by the committee.

The committee members also approved applications from Cllr Dan Potter, again in his role as both county and town councillor, for dispensation to speak on New Quay harbour matters, he will also be permitted to vote on county council matters.

Cllr Potter owns a boating business in the harbour town as well as being a safe swim area contractor and coxswain of New Quay Lifeboat.

He has been granted dispensation relating to harbour and beach matters previously and will continue to be able to discuss any matters arising for a further 12 months.

His application relating to digital development in the town was also approved, as were applications for dispensation from five other town councillors.

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