February 25, 2021

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Public asked for views on county licensing laws

PEOPLE in Carmarthenshire are being asked their views on the current licensing laws.

Carmarthenshire County Council has developed an online consultation as part of a five-year review to ensure an effective licensing system is maintained in the county.

The council is encouraging residents, businesses, licence holders and other organisation to take part in the survey before it closes on January 10.

To take part in the consultation visit the council’s website.

All feedback from the consultation will be considered when preparing the new licensing policy.

The survey focuses on alcohol-related crime and disorder and the Cumulative Impact Assessments currently in place for Station Road, Llanelli and Lammas Street Carmarthen.

A cumulative impact assessment can be adopted by a licensing authority to help it to limit the number or types of licence applications granted in areas where there is evidence to show that the number of licensed premises in the area is having a cumulative impact and leading to problems such as crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour.

The council’s executive board member responsible for licensing, Cllr Philip Hughes, said:

“This is an opportunity for people to voice any concerns they have as we look into reviewing our current licensing policy.

“It is important for people to take part and let us know what is affecting them so we are able to address those areas when developing our new policy.”


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